The goals and objectives of MAPSS are based on the recognition of the soil mantle as a set of natural bodies and that the intelligent use of this natural resource is an obligation of professional soil scientists. The major objectives of MAPSS are to:

1. Promote the wise use of soil resources.
2. Increase the public awareness and understanding of soil science.
3. Promote communication between soil scientists and other environmental professionals.
4. Provide a forum for the exchange of ideas, views and information related to soil science.
5. Encourage and promote high standards of ethical conduct and education among soil scientists.

MAPSS Officers (Effective March 2018)

Bruce Bagley, President -

Annie Rossi, President Elect -

Susan Lamb, Vice President -

Sara Roberts, Treasurer (1 yr) -

Jenwei Tsai, Secretary (2 yr) -

Josh Stallings, Member-at-Large (2 yr) -

Ben Marshall, Member-at-Large (1 yr) -

Phil King, Ex officio Member -

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