Membership Types:

Full membership requires that an individual have a degree in (1) soil science or (2) some other science combined with a minimum number of credits in soil science.

Affiliate membership is available for those who do not meet requirements for full membership but wish to advance the goals of the association.

Student membership is available to persons presently enrolled in degree programs who are interested in the goals of the association.

Honorary membership is awarded to individuals the association wishes to recognize for their outstanding contributions to the profession. 


Membership Privileges:

All members receive notice of and are urged to attend Association meetings. All members may serve on committees and may take part in the discussions of all business matters. All members receive the MAPSS newsletter "PEDOLOGUE" and a membership card, which is renewed annually. Only Full and Honorary members can vote in elections and hold any of the offices of President, President-elect, Vice President, Council Member at Large, or Secretary-Treasurer.

Membership Operations:
Final responsibility for all operations or activities of MAPSS rests with the membership. Major issues are therefore considered at Association meetings to provide future direction of the operations. Between meetings, the Executive Council, comprised of the elected officers of MAPSS, is authorized to act on any matters needing attention.

Standing committees of the Association consider the following items: Finance, Constitution and By-Laws, Membership and Ethics, Nominations, Education and Public Relations, and Certification. Other committees are organized and created as needed.

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