The Mid-Atlantic Association of Professional Soil Scientists (MAPSS) is a non- profit organization dedicated to the advancement of the profession of soil science and the protection of the public interest in matters related to soil science. The Association was organized in 1987 and serves professionals primarily in the Maryland, Delaware and District of Columbia area. The membership consists of private consultants, federal government employees, university faculty, state and county employees and other individuals interested in the goals and objectives of the Association in the Mid-Atlantic region.


MD Represents at 3rd International Soil Judging Contest

Sara mack and Brian Needelman at the INTERNATIONAL soil JUDGING contest in brazil.

UMD’s own Brian Needelman and Sara Mack were honored with the opportunity to attend and participate in the 3rd International Soil Judging Contest, hosted by the Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro and the Brazilian Soil Science Society. Brian and Sara served on the coaching staff for Team USA, helping lead the team to a first place finish!

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Thanks to all who helped and all who participated in the 8th international conference to address the issue of acid sulfate soils, found in coastal regions throughout the world. Oxidation of the metal sulfides in these soils, upon exposure to air,  produces sulfuric acid. The subsequent acidification of soil and drainage waters often leads to detrimental ecological consequences.




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phil king (left) and carl robinette hard at work measuring soil permeability with the help of amoozemeters.

Learn all about the UMD Soil Judging Team's recent achievements, the MD Land Judging Contest, how amoozemeter measurements compare to morphological features in assessing soil permeability, and our new Facebook page!

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